Orion constellation Notebook

My Orion Constellation Project in the visualize data with Python skill path. To be found here:

Any advice is welcome.


Welcome, @aron220!

I took a look at your project notebook and it looks good. It actually clarified some issues I was having.

For instance, the instructions don’t tell you assign the results of fig3d.add_subplot( ... projection="3d") to an axes object (typically named ax). You need to do this because the new object is actually an Axes3D object which is required for .scatter(x, y, z) to work correctly.

I hadn’t been assigning it to ax. Instead, I had been using plt.scatter(x, y, z) which just plots the points onto the XY-plane, not in 3D.

In general though, I feel this is a poor project. The biggest issue is that when plotting the x, y, and z coordinates, the resulting scatter plot scales the axes. The x-axis goes from 2 to 12 (a distance of 10), while the y-axis goes from -0.4 to 0.6 (a distance of 1.0). This means that there is no way to rotate the scatter plot and actually see the Orion stars in their correct positions.

I did a lot of Googling and it seems quite difficult to get the plot to not scale. The Axes3D plots do not allow you to simply set .axis("equal").

Codecademy needs to either scrap or re-work this project in the future.

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