Orion constellation, how to change the dimensions of the 3d graph

I tired to add one more constellation to the Orion project. I chose something called Chi Ceti that includes two stars. However, only other of those stars are visible on my 3d graph. I guess, it is because of the dimensions in the graph - how to change them?

So I really don’t know what’s going on. There is something weird with the way the functions are called and assigned to variables. Anyhow, this is what I did to get it to work…

Chi Ceti

x_chi = [67.2, -28.0]
y_chi = [34.8, 6.79]
z_chi = [-14.3, 71.4]

fig_chi_3d = plt.figure()
newconstellation3d = fig_chi_3d.add_subplot(projection=“3d”)
#newconstellation3d.set_xlim3d(-30, 70)
#newconstellation3d.set_ylim3d(0, 40)
#newconstellation3d.set_zlim3d(-20, 75)
newconstellation3d.scatter(x_chi, y_chi, z_chi, marker=“X”)

After some google searches, I found that .set_xlim3d(low, high) etc allows you to change the axes on a 3d plot. This works too. But for some reason, once I set newconstellation3d equal to the fig.add_subplot call and called scatter on it, it all magically worked anyway!

I know this is months out of date, but just in case anyone else was wondering too. And if anyone can explain why my version works, I’d love to know!