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Hi. I’m posting my completed Orion constellation visualization project.

Orion project - GitHub

Disappointing that you can’t rotate the 3d model on the GitHub preview or outside or anywhere else outside of a Jupyter notebook!
If anyone knows how to export this file in all its rotational glory let me know.

Also, if anyone has been able to configure Visual Studio Code to display Matplotlib plots in the editor I would love to do that. I don’t mind running a notebook in Safari, but it’s nice to have as much as possible in a single IDE. I’m using Conda on a MacBook with M1 Apple Silicone, so things have been a little wonky in VSC in general but it’s mostly been working.

This all sounds very cool, you’re well ahead of me by the sounds of things, but I thought I’d give you some congrats on completing your project! Keep at it!

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