Origin/master not something we can merge



it says
$ git merge origin/master
merge: origin/master - not something we can merge

Does anyone know how to solve this probelm?


Hello @nthu_104062225,

Sorry you're having issues on this. Please see my post on:

Git merge origin/master

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


hi @bayoishola20

Thank you for your reply!

I think you did help but I have another issue.

after I typed in what you wrote, it responded " refname 'origin/master' is ambiguous

What does that mean and how can I solve it?

Get stuck see the screenshot
There's a problem with Lesson 5 in Learn Git - Teamwork

Okay. Please, restart console/exercise and do the below:

cd my-quizzes/
Git fetch origin
Git merge origin/master


Dear @bayoishola20

Although I'm not really sure what happened but it worked!!!!

Huge thanks



ls - shows all files in current working directory. It is short for list
cd my-quizzes/ - to change directory. The backward slash is important :slight_smile:
Git fetch - this updates remote-tracking branches but it never changes any of your own local branches, and is safe to do without changing your working copy. This can fetch from either a single named repository or URL, or from several repositories at once (a condition follows for the latter part).

Git merge - This will merge choice sources/repos.



Thank you so much for your explicit explanation!


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