So I’m new to codeacademy and I registered like 1 week ago.
I already completed the HTML5 course, and now I’m doing the CSS3 course.
I was searching for the PHP course, because I heard that a lot of cool websites use it.
I didn’t find it. So I asked an advisor about it and he said, that it’s going to be removed.
So here’s the question.
It’s still accessable but I ask your opinion, should I learn or leave it because it will be removed?
And when it will be removed?


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its difficult to access the PHP course, there is no known data for when the course gets removed for good, could be tomorrow

so, if you really want to use PHP, you should find another resource. Personally, i would learn another language to make your website back-end (python, ruby, java, javascript or something)

PHP is used by a lot of websites (facebook for example), but languages like python are also used by known websites (quora, youtube and more), same for ruby (codecademy)


I want to learn javascript that’s in my path.
I don’t know what’s python, and ruby, so yeah.
So you say it’s not necessary to learn php anymore?

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Javascript is defamatory for front-end development, but you can also write your back-end in Javascript (nodeJS)

python and ruby are programming languages, if we look at the websites these languages power:

we see some pretty big names.

However, PHP still powers a large percentage of the web, so its difficult to say.

Hosting support for PHP is massive, bigger then any other back-end language.


I have a last question.
So when I finish the css3 course what do I do next and next and soo on…?

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Javascript, absolutely, to make your website more interactive. Then you have to pick a back-end language, where there are several good language, and no universal answer which is the best


what back-end? you mean ruby and those things?
Do you think it’s necessary to learn sass?

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Personally i like the Sass courses and learn more things on how to make a website

back-end is very powerful, its what is happening on server side.

At the back-end we for example have a database with usernames and passwords, so the back-end can authenticate a user, allowing for login functionality.

All the replies we make to this topic, are stored at back-end, then the back-end language (for example ruby or python), fetches the data from database, puts into a template (html) and sends the html to us, so our browser can display this nice page

having a back-end in your website, allows for user to leave comments, login functionality and more

SASS is just a language allowing you to write CSS easier, and then compile the sass into css.