Orientation: Welcome to Codecademy Forums!

New forums users, welcome! You’ll see that this forum has four (4) categories, and each one has sub-categories; titles of categories and a brief description of each one is below.

  1. Get Help: Ask questions, get help with an exercise or chat about your Codecademy coursework here.
  2. Community: Learn how the forums work, chat with other learners and find opportunities to practice your skills.
  3. Projects: Share your work and get feedback from the community.
  4. FAQs: These FAQs are on many of our most popular exercises; they are made for you, by us.

For a much deeper dive on using the Forums, read this post: Tips for Using Forums

Your fellow learners use these parts of the forums to help each other work through Codecademy content, in addition to learners a safe space to discuss anything related to coding – you can find those conversations in our #general-programming section.

Top Questions Asked By Beginners

If you’re totally new to learning to code, check out this post. If that guide is helpful, you may find several more useful— find the full list here.

Other common questions we see are:

We welcome you, and every member of the community, to make and contribute to guides like these!

How The Forums Work

First, get a quick rundown of forums features so you understand what does what and why.

If you want to post a question or contribute to a conversation, please check out our guides to using the forums and to write a good post first. Making better posts helps everyone else here, but it’ll also help you – high quality posts are more likely to get replies!

Take The Plunge

Many of you are new to Codecademy as a whole, many are just new to the forums. In either case, the first step is the same: click on the “log in” button.

If you’re not already logged in to Codecademy, you’ll be asked to do so. If you are logged in on codecademy.com, you’ll automatically create a new profile for the forums and receive some on-boarding material in your inbox! You’ll receive a Direct Message from @discobot, a forums bot that will help you to get better oriented on this forum and how it works.

Say Hi

Now that you’re a member of our forums, don’t forget to introduce yourself here.

:bulb: Pro Tip: Bookmark this page and come back to it when you need help.

Now, Go Learn to Code!

Thanks for clicking through this Forums orientation. Now, go enjoy learning with your peers in the Codecademy Forums!