Order Tracking Feature


I am trying to create an app like Zomato or UberEats.
But i am stuck at one part. How do I strategically implement the simplest order tracking feature such that customers can track their order.
Should the restaurants get involved for this feature to work? Because i would prefer if they don’t. As I cant rely on them all the time.

I was wondering if i should just automate the updates on the order tracking feature. but I don’t know how. :confused: pls help ?

Order tracking depends upon each order being given a unique identification number (id) that is recorded (entered into the system) at each step along the way. The record will show it starting in the warehouse, making its way onto a truck (recorded in waybill), making its way into a distribution center, and finally onto a courier van. The record ends when the item is delivered to its destination.

Thanks a lot for a quick response.

Well now as it is a portal based service for customers to reach their stores, Most of the steps are not controlled by me (the middleman)
Creating a unique id for a unique order can be done. But to track that order into the next step ( in my understanding so far) makes the restaurateur update the system for the customers to track their food order. whether its getting cooked or getting packed etc etc.

But is there a way wherein i can avoid the restaurants from getting involved?
Such that the order tracking feature can be controlled easily by the admin itself.

It looks like you are tracking on the floor movement and progress. That will mean a chit number being entered into the system at each step, meaning it will involve the restauranteer having a live feed to your tracking system.

Thanks a lot for your meaningful response.

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I have a question regarding the chit number system. Will the admin be providing one unique chit number to the Restaurateur for each step or one unique chit number for one order?

Also, how can I make sure that the restaurateur does not forget to enter the chit number into the system. How can i ensure this step? As it seems crucial for the order tracking feature/

The chit number would be assigned to the order, and would never change from point or order to point of delivery, even if the order changes during the process.

The chit number would be generated in the system when the order is placed.

Great input.

Although, I still have this question. Now as you said earlier, this chit system will involve the restaurateur having a live feed to the tracking system. Being a startup, How can I ensure that they will give the customers a live feed without fail. Because sometimes these restaurateurs, they just get their order and deliver it to the address without updating the tracking system. How can i avoid this worry?

That will depend upon the devices in play. The point of order will be where everything begins. A chit is generated and uploaded to the server. From there the kitchen gets the order and from their end print off a paper copy for the line. This sends a signal to the server that the kitchen has received the order. Once the order is prepared and packed, a label can be generated, attached to the package and scanned into the delivery device. This will also send a signal to the server. When the delivery arrives at its destination, the member will scan the label one more time to indicate end of transaction. At each step along the way an estimated time for each can be uploaded. If the customer has access to the feed of their order, they can guage the approximate time of delivery from this. Without the necessary inputs along the way the system will break down. That’s where design, training and practice must all come together.