Option to turn off notifications (badges)

Hi there,

as much as I love the content and the badges in the courses that show how a users proceeds, I wonder if you could add a feature to turn off the notification (in the lower right corner of the browser window) that show, that you have earned a badge.

I get quite a lot of them (for whatever reason) and I start to find them a little bit distracting.

Feedback from the community would be highly appreciated.

hey @philippkowalski80717
thanks for the feedback! We actually had a little issue with that notification yesterday, please have a look and let me know if you still find it distracting :slight_smile:

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ah… ok, I though these mutiple popups were on purpose.

Now it is working perfectly fine, so pls disregard this request (at least from my side.

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I also get them constantly please give an option to turn them off completely. Personally, I feel happy in myself for learning a new skill, and notifications don’t assist that