Option to copy-paste text from examples

Should be a huge time-saver.

For learning, it is not important to retype exact text when needed.
It would much improve my UX if I could just CLICK (or some mouseover-hint-then-click)
on the text and have it in clipboard, so I can paste it in solution.

I’m talking about VALUES not code. Just VALUES.

I can’t use double-click as sometimes it is more than one word,
and selecting text as now can be tiresome and “tricky” (specially on tablet).

Hi! Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Given the nature of programming: it might be arguable that it is important to be precise in typing exact text (or rather, knowing when it is important, and when it is not). Yes, I copy and paste all the time in my projects, but I also have to know the pitfalls (for example in python, I have to double-check all my copy and paste sections for indentation errors, or for improperly formatted quotation marks).

I don’t think CC is set up to run particularly well on tablets. But then again, I don’t know any app that beats out a text editor in a laptop/desktop scenario (this may change in the near future). For learning on a tablet, I usually just read e-books or put on youtube videos and have a laptop on the side to test out whatever is necessary.

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Thanks for a nice comment. I agree that copy-paste is not a way to code.

Problem is CodeCademy system uses EXACT text values to test if a challenge is properly solved, so variable names and variable values MUST be exactly the same as specified. This is why copy-paste values would be such time-saver only on CodeCademy

I agree that CC tablet experience is not something of importance, but I guessed that someone somewhere is using it in that way. Of course that using Emacs or VIM (or even beginners VSCode or ST3) is much pleasant experience on desktop.

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It seems to me that mobile is quite important to CC :wink:

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Yeaaa haha. Not for me… I do think about the best ways to train when I’m commuting. Though honestly I just take audio notes of whatever I’m studying and that seems to help more. Or listen to a tech podcast. Reading an ebook I guess is an option but I do worry about eye sight for prolonged periods of reading such tiny text.

I guess they’re trying to do a duolingo type thing. Could be interesting.