Optimal order of things?

Going for a degree in CS pretty soon. Before school starts, I’ve been on here taking courses in JavaScript and HTML. I’m an absolute beginner. Is there an optimal order for which languages to prioritize learning first? I don’t know what I want to do specifically in future, all I know is I absolutely love coding since I started. I don’t want to spend all my time learning HTML if I’m going to end up wanting to make a mobile app (which I think would be Python?)

Thanks for the help!

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Javascript is very important with web development so it’s useful to know. You need some html and css knowledge to use js at its full potential though. Python is a good general language to know and it’s also useful in tech interviews in that it’s really easy to get code down quickly and clearly (as opposed to something like java).

Do you already know what languages are in your program curriculum? You should see if you can find out. I’m guessing it’ll be a mix of some object-oriented language (C++/Java), maybe some functional (OCaml, Haskell), and some assembly. You should consider writing to your advisor or find some upper-class colleagues that know what the path looks like.

Even if they don’t have Python/Javascript these are very useful languages to know as well as the main ones you’ll be using in your curriculum. Also if you’re interested in data science, consider a language like R or the python library Pandas.

Additionally it’s incredibly useful to learn how to use unix/linux, git, docker, regular expressions and other like things of that nature.

As for your mobile development question, for android the common languages are Java and Kotlin, for mac it’s swift mainly.


Thanks for the reply! Great advice to check the curriculum! I see Python and Java in the descriptions for a few classes. Will refer back to this in the future, thank you.

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