Opening previous work successfully completed


I am in my mid 80s and built the website I run for my retired colleagues from an HTML with CSS & XHTML about 10 years ago. When my grandson suggested I check out Codecademy I thought this will give me the skills to vastly improve my existing website. I am new to this site and would like to be able to open previous successful lesson pages to refresh my memory. Friends' jaws drop when they hear that this active great-grandad builds a website. Please, how do I open previous pages of lesson results. Thanks.


Simply go to the track module and open a page. Your old code will be there for you to review or tinker with. You've already passed the lesson so anything you do will be fine. Each time you submit, your new code is saved. You may wish to copy the old exercise code and save it in Notepad, but you can also revert with Undo. If you wish to start the lesson over, just Reset it.


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Thanks for your prompt response. I'm still finding my way around this site but cannot 'track module' to open as suggested.


You can simple go to the track overview, once you selected a track, you have a navigation menu in the bottom left