Open Weather Application - Please review

Hi guys whilst struggling with the reddit Client, I took a step back and started a similar project working with open weather.

It’s my first project working with API, I’m just looking for some feedback on things I could improve on. Looking at this as a portfolio project what things would be picked apart by someone checking this out in the context hiring me.

I will evaluate the feedback and make adjustments

Hey there!

Your project looks very interesting and it was easy to navigate and review!


In your utilities/ChangeDegree.js you are accessing and manipulating the DOM directly by using the document.getElementByXX rather using React/redux which it goes against the React principles.

in your Result.jsx, where the API calls sit, i think you could move the whole fetch call to your Slice file, and make it an action and just dispatch it with useEffect when its needed - it would make the component look cleaner and try and divide the logic (which would sit in the Slice file) and the render returned. Also by moving it to the slide, you could use the “createSyncThunk” from the @reduxjs/toolkit and combine it with the extraReducers property in the slice to keep everything clean and separate (the “extraReducers” also support promise fullfilled,pending,rejected states that helps with the “Loading” placeholders etc.

Hope this helps a bit :smiley:

Thank you so much, thats some great feedback! I will review your comment and make some improvements.