Open to suggestions

This tutorial seems to be a little outdated seeing the last comment was two years ago.
None the less I am stuck trying to use * as multiplication etc. The lesson appears to be expecting a different input. As I look at the comparison. Open to suggestions.

It will help if we can see your code implementation, as well as a link to the exercise in question for full context.

At the moment I am looking into operators. I admit I am totally green at coding, so please be patient. As I engage in self-education. I did manage to figure out a means that got me a pass on that lesson. And now I come to find I will need to improve my math skills. No mountain to high for me to climb, just a matter of putting in the effort.

Thank you for your help

Go ahead and start a Maths topic in the Community if you would like more input from other members. You don’t have to look outside for math help, although you can. The goal here is to progress, and with the help of the community you will have a little light shed on your path.

As I can get some questions set in my mind I will follow your advice. A little back round, I quit school second day of the ninth grade. For some reason, I could not wrap my mind around conceptual math. In recent years I have had this desire to learn to code. I bought a book on python today and have another coming in the mail. In the meantime I will be thinking about how to set aside time for math studies and python. If you know any python learn to program, programs I can download that may be helpful.

Thank you so much

For now, focus on the Maths. Download and install Python 3.9 in your User account and keep it handy. IDLE is a cool tool to have right at the beginning. Use it, and learn to implement math at the command line level, then progress to writing programs to do the same.

Bottom line, you didn’t drop out of school if you didn’t stop learning. You only took a different path. With some guidance from your mates, here, and some grit on your part, none of this is outside of your realm. Catch up, is all it takes, and keep the dream ahead of you.


I downloaded pycharm 3.8 cause my computer is running win 7. Did not care for win 10.
Successfully installed it and currently reading some cheatsheets.

I’m running it in classic mode so see no difference in usability, but definitely find 10 superior to 7, if for no other reason than being caught up to the technologies it interfaces with everyday that 7 cannot.

Can’t watch Prime on my Win7 laptop so it is confined to Netflix. The Win10 app is what we can get, so have no choice.

I have a few other computers, I may just set one up with 10 and do as you suggest. Run in in classic mode. The only reason I discarded 10 was the gui. I am glad I have decided to join codecademy. :slight_smile:

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Your journey begins.

Have your got your (pycharm) interactive shell open yet?

Not at the moment. I am almost ready for bed. Just doing some reading before I passout. Will be on bright and early in the morning.

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Yeah, get some rest. Tomorrow awaits.

Some side notes, from memory…

As I recall, my system was Windows 7 Premium and I had Office 2013 Pro(fessional, whatever) and Windows 10 installed around all that. Now I have the latest Office and none of my files were lost.

My ten year old quad core has never been happier. Nothing like getting the dust blown off. Windows 10 manages things so much better.

Good evening my friend, my apologies. I deal with very high bone pain levels when the weather suddenly changes.
So from time to time I just need to sit and wait till I can focus on my hobbies.
I run win 7 with openoffice and a few other programs. Like iorbit advanced care. It does a good job of keeping my comp running at top speed. Managed to do a bit today on my studies and advanced a bit. As soon as my hands will allow me to type more. I plan to update my Discord and get involved in a python community there.

Have a great evening.

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