Open 2 pages in one hyper link

I want to open one page in the current tab as well as a page in a new tab in my sample code.
Here is what I have so far, just opening a page in a new tab, I also know that if I set no target it will open in the current tab. how do I add another page to open two sites with one hyperlink.

Josh Sample Page

Test page title, link below

Test Link


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Ain’t gonna happen. Sorry. The nomenclature describes it as a, hyperlink, which is singular.

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It can’t be done, but you can do it in javascript (but not with one hyperlink but with one anchor <a> tag).
With the"", "_targettype") method.
First attribute is the link what you want to open and the second is the targeting type, _self opens in the same tab and _blank opens in new tab, click me to learn more about anchors
But anyway here’s the code

<a id="anchor" href="" target="_blank">open</a>


const anchor = document.getElementById("anchor");
anchor.onclick = function() {"","_self")

Hope this helps :grinning:

Yeah, I’ll try it out, thanks.

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is there a way to do it with a button or function or something, any way using just html?

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No there isn’t any way to do it with HTML only, sorry.