Opdracht 2

Ik vindt dit vrij ingewikkeld. Ik heb net opdracht 1 gedaan. Maar opdracht 2 zit op slot. Hoe kan ik die openmaken en wat zou ik nu dan kunnen doen? Opdracht 2 heet; ! DOCTYPE


i find this pretty complicated. I just completed task one. But i get stuck at task two. How can i progress and what should i do? task two is called !DOCTYPE

Not sure what lesson you are, so please post a link.

A document type declaration is the signal given to the browser that tells what namespace to look up for supporting code; and, the name of the root element. This is the doctype for HTML5…

<!DOCTYPE html>

When there is no version or namespace information included, the browser defaults to HTML5. The root element of the document is <html></html>. There will only be one, and all document markup will be enclosed between these two tags.