Oops, try again


so i'm going through HTML/CSS and at Chapter 7 lesson 12. it tells me to style the HTML. i need to create the link to the css file and i input this:

after i complete the css file and press submit, the following message appears.
Oops, try again. Did you forget to close the tag

after multiple do-overs en closing and re-opening the browser tab i am out of idea's


Your code is not showing up right. can you please upload a pic of you code?


this is the hmtl file::


Still cant see the HTML right. paste the HTML, mark it up and choose the option
or just upload a pic


and here is the cssthis one XD


You didnt close it right.
"link" tag is one of the tags that have a self-close tag.
Self-close tag looks like this: />


alright thanks that worked :smiley:

but 1 question thou.. it did change the style of the html content.. why does is if it isnt right.

and i looked on w3schools and they didnt the the / at the end of the tag too.


The XHTML and other versions of HTML format requires the / however new formats like HTML5 doesn't require, Codecademy's course was created some time back and the Checker works with the older version :slight_smile:

The Make a Website course which I recommend you do after HTML & CSS uses HTML5 format


okay i'll start on that right away, as i just finished the HTML & CSS Course. btw is it legit to upgrade to pro to get the extra study material or is it better to come up with projects of myself?


It would be according to preference :slight_smile: You will have to decide

Here with pro you get guidelines how to create the project (projects don't get marked with checker)


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