Oops, try again. Wrap the <div class="container>..</div> with <div class="jumbotron>..</div>?


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <div class= "nav">
  <div class= 'container'>
	  <li>Jol Abels</li>
	  <li> Browse </li>
	  <li>Sign up</li>
	  <li>Log In</li>
	  <div clas='jumbotron'>
	  <div class= 'container'>
	<h1> "Find a place to stay"</h1>
	<p>Rent from people in over 34,000 cities and 192 countries</p>

I don't know what i'am doing wrong but it says: Oops, try again. Wrap the


Thx for helping lolman :smile:


Go ahead and copy past your code again, but paste it between two line of backticks like so


back-ticks are the character underneath the tilde " ~ " key. This way we can see your code! :smiley:


Something like this?.



When you type your code, it'll appear in both the window you're typing, and the window to the right, if you see it in the window to the right that's when you know it's worked.