Oops, try again. Remember that the 4th letter starts at position 3! Check out the hint for more info


"wonderful day".substring(4,7)


What part of the phrase do you want?
Right now you have: "erfu"

Remember, start at 0 when counting.

Wonderful Day


what does this mean?!? Im so confused! What part if the text do we want? My brain is going to explode with all of this coding!:joy:


@13jecreedo Haha, I know. It can get difficult, I'm stuck on a certain excersise too. But it will get easier! :smile:


What do you do when your stuck on a level? @supergirl427 it seems like you know your stuff! :innocent:


did you find an answer in the end? @arcrunner73476




Thanks, I try to look it over and see if I made a stupid mistake. Then I check the forums, and if I can't find my answer, I would start a new topic.

Also, sometimes it's good to leave it alone and come back the next day, when you have cleared your mind.