Oops, try again. Make sure you set the body's background-color to brown

Has anyone seen this issue?
Thanks in advance!

There is no problem with the background colour, but there is with the paragraph:

Paragraphs are defined by p tags, and are not self-closing, as they are meant to have elements inside. Your problem is that you have made a self-closing paragraph:

<p style="background-color: yellow"/>

Should be

<p style="background-color: yellow">...</p>

Spot the difference.
You need to put a


after your


And remove the forward slash from between " and > in your p tag.

Hope that helps!

@jibblyj, i am going to have disagree with your answer.

@datacoder32350, your body tag is not self closing, remove the slash from body (<body/> should become <body>). why did you nest a paragraph in your ordered list? remove the paragraph all together and add the style attribute to ordered list opening tag

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Maybe @datacoder32350 likes self closing tags? :wink:
I agree with you.