Oops, try again. It looks like your paragraph's font-size is 20px instead of 20px


<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>Putting it all together</title>
		<p style = "font-size:20px; color: blue; font-family: Arial"><p>A truly spectacular paragraph!</p>


Would you mind giving the link to the exact exercise please?


You need to take another look at how you've opened and closed your <p> element on line 7 :slight_smile:

Remember the general syntax for an HTML element is:

<tag attribute="value">content</tag>

Hope that helps you out!


It's the exercise for HTML & CSS | HTML Basics II | 11. Recap



I'm having a similar issue and I'm really confused. My code is correct, but it says my font is set at 12px instead of 10. I've viewed in the editor and confirmed the size is correct. Any help would be appreciated.



I have the same issue. I did the command, try to reset the browser font-size but nothing work. I play a bit with the zoom in and out mannually to 110% when it stated that my font-size was 11.1 instead of 10px, maybe try to zoom to 120% ?Good luck


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