Oops try again. it looks like you didn't include any lists

Looking at my HTML (see screen-shot) I have included three lists. Do I need to use both unordered and ordered lists? The instructions seem to indicate that I do not, and doing so didn’t seem to help anyway. What am I missing?

For some reason you aren’t allowed to use classes or ID’s on your lists for this exercise. If you remove them, it should let you pass.

It worked! Thank you! I would have cried if I couldn’t reach 100% on the course.

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I know the answer is already given, but i would like to add this:

SCT (submission correctness test) is programmed to look for a heading/list without any attributes (so no classes, id, style etcetera)

Wow your resume looks awesome! I had the same problem except it told me that I had not included any headers. This solved the problem thanks!