Oops, try again. get_cl@ss_average([alice]) returned 83.8666666667 instead of 91.15 as expected


Student Becomes Teacher ::Part of the whole

I keep getting the error "Oops, try again. get_class_average([alice]) returned 83.8666666667 instead of 91.15 as expected"

I have checked several responses to this problem and yet i still get the same error.
My code looks exactly like the ones that have resolved the problem,yet i still get the message.
What could possibly be going wrong here? Please assist,Thank you

I have lined up the For and the Return statements , but still get the same problem

def get_class_average(student):
    for student in students:
    return average(results)


Hi @devplayer98062,

You have student as the parameter here, where you should have students ...

def get_class_average(student):


Makes perfect sense.Thanks for quick response.!
All is working now