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Upcomming message for my code: > Oops, try again. false
But result is 8.55, I think this is rigth. I tryed to restart the brower and the lesson, I tested it on Chrome, Edge and IE.

var cashRegister = {
    //Dont forget to add your property
    add: function(itemCost) {
        this.lastTransactionAmount = itemCost;
        this.total +=  itemCost;;
    scan: function(item,quantity) {
        switch (item) {
        case "eggs": this.add(0.98 * quantity); break;
        case "milk": this.add(1.23 * quantity); break;
        case "magazine": this.add(4.99 * quantity); break;
        case "chocolate": this.add(0.45 * quantity); break;
        return true;
    //Add the voidLastTransaction Method here
    voidLastTransactionAmount: function(){
        this.total -= this.lastTransactionAmount;


//Void the last transaction and then add 3 instead
cashRegister.scan("chocolate", 3);

//Show the total bill
console.log('Your bill is '+cashRegister.total);


i found the problem, from the instructions:

Add a method called voidLastTransaction that subtracts the last amount transacted from total

you called your method voidLastTransactionAmount, i am afraid you have no choice of naming in methods in this exercises


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