Oops, try again. Did you remember to give your div a height of 50px? It looks like it's 50.2px



Hello guys, could someone help me, please ?

My code HTML and CSS seems okay, but i keep having this error message :

  • Oops, try again. Did you remember to give your div a height of 50px? It looks like it's 50.2px.

I also have this problem with the lessons :

  • CSS:An Overview > Sizes and borders (problem : img border, 1px solid #4682b4)
  • CSS selectors > One selector to rule them all (problem : 1px border)


I'm on Firefox 47.0, and I also tried on Opera 36.Zoom is on 0 with both browsers. I've tried to clean the cache, to refresh the page with ctrl+F5, and to log out / log in / and try again. I even rebooted the computer. Nothing works.


<!DOCTYPE html>
        <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css"/>
        <title>About Me</title>
        <img src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/codecademy-blog/assets/46838757.png"/>
        <p>We're Codecademy! We're here to help you learn to code.</p><br/><br/>

img {

p {
    font-family:Garamond, serif;

/*Start adding your CSS below!*/
div {


Here some
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Hello, and thank for trying to help me ! :slight_smile:

But I've read the stackoverflow answers, and it just speaks about problems with monospace fonts (unless i missed something ?)
Nothing about problems of div size, or border thickness.
I've tried to put their suggestion of
font-family: monospace, monospace;
in my code, but it doesn't help, since there is no monospace font anyway in my webpage.

Moreover, the problem is the same with Opera 36.

Any ideas ?


I use
Windows 10 EDGE
Windows 8.1 IE11
and do not have experience with other Browsers
So sorry !!!

What i do underrstand,
that they are still development now in
Opera beta 39.0.2256.42


Your zoom should be on 100%.

If that doesn't work then you can use an alternate way by working out the difference, if your code shows 50px and error says 50.2px then use 49.98px

Next time don't create three of the same topics !


Well, sorry, but I tried to make a single topic on the HTML/CSS category, but it isn't possible. And as it seemed to me to concern 3 different problems... sorry.

Anyway, I found an interesting solution on Firefox 47.0 : The zoom MUST NOT be on 100% ! I found out it was the cause of all my problems !

If you put the zoom on 80%, it will work just fine for every lesson !


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