Oops Try Again - at least two images


I don't know. I just don't know. When I go "full screen," everything works.


Hey @chungwipff! Just make sure to put another image source bettween your a tag and your body tag. Like this:

your a Tag then

 <img src="website address for picture" />

Then your closing body tag/

Hope this helped if it didnt please reply saying so!


Thank you. I really appreciate you reaching out to me. I tried it and it still didn't work.


can you make a printscreen now working? Thankyou!


I cleared it and started over...


No you didnt do it correctly. Look at this for a info:


THANK YOU! It finally worked. I was stuck for so long and was about to give up. So much appreciated!


this absolutely doesn't make sense, yes, it passes. But why would you set anchor (link) href attribute a url of a image? Yes, it can make sense. But then give the image source a page and not a image? that doesn't make any sense. And your anchor is missing a closing tag


No Problem man, Dont forget #NEVERQUIT