Oops! The test returned an error. takeVacationDays(daysOff) {remainingVacationDays = this._remainingVacationDays-daysoff}; ^ ReferenceError: daysoff is not defined

Here’s my code:

class Surgeon {
constructor(name, department) {
this._name = name;
this._department = department;
this._remainingVacationDays = 20;
get name() {
return this._name;
get department() {
return this._department;
get remainingVacationDays() {
return this._remainingVacationDays;
takeVacationDays(daysOff) {remainingVacationDays = this._remainingVacationDays-daysoff};


const surgeonCurry = new Surgeon(‘Curry’, ‘Cardiovascular’);
const surgeonDurant = new Surgeon(‘Durant’, ‘Orthopedics’);

Can you spot the error? (Remember, JS is case sensitive.)

Yeah. I spotted that but got another error. I don’t know if you can help. I don’t have the error message anymore. I went to the solution.

Okay, now compare the line above to the solution. Can you spot the issue?

The reason why your code doesn’t work is because they want you to use the -= daysOff.

Sometimes this program is too silly.