OOP Newbie Question: How to keep up with so many attributes?

Hey, I’m new to OOP and I really enjoy learning about interactions among classes and all the amazing things we can do with objects, but I’m starting to feel overwhelmed by the enormous amount of attributes, instances, methods, and classes all put together and it’s tremendously hard for me to keep track of which does what. I’m sure there is just no magical formula to simplify a whole program entirely, but I wonder whether there are any techniques, tools, or additional knowledge to have all pieces of the puzzle more clearly sorted out. Thanks in beforehand. :slight_smile:

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My take ----- just let it sit.

Draw out maps of the relationships if you need to. But let your brain take it in passively over the days. It will start getting used to it before you know it. (DO play around with the ideas, DON’T kill yourself when you can’t remember what does what).

Itzhak Perlman (a legendary violinist) loves to say: “if you practice fast you, you forget fast. If you practice slow, you forget slow” (a phrase that’s surely not his originally)

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