Only low cost pc available, will it limit my learning possibilities?

I have a new lenovo v145 notebook, best pc I could afford, but can’t run programs like autocad and it’s hardware it’s not the best except for its ssd memory, will it be a problem If I want to learn? I am starting with html, css and js, after I will learn python, other main programming languages, networking and all, to hopefully live entirely using a computer, is all of this possible with a very limited budget and hardware?


No. You don’t need a high-end PC to learn. You are completely fine :slight_smile:


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As long as you have at least 8GB of RAM and an internet connection you should be fine. You don’t really need much computing power to write code, especially as a beginner. Plus, once you get to more intensive computations (like Machine Learning if you go that route) there are options for running your code in the cloud.

Since you are starting with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you are mostly going to be running those in the browser. So long as you have enough RAM for your internet browser to run smoothly, that is all you really need.


Right! I write my code down on paper since it helps me learn. In my limited experience, I use Ubuntu because its a lot lighter and faster than windows in my opinion, so optimizing your operating system works well also. I don’t have high powered computers yet either, but I haven’t had any performance issues writing code since I’m still a newbie anyway.

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Just in case anyone here is looking to revive an old computer (or use minimal resources on a newer computer), it is worth checking out Lubuntu:

Lubuntu is a super-lightweight flavor of Ubuntu so if you’re really strapped for resources (under 8 GB of RAM or under 256GB of hard drive space), you’ll want to check it out. I’ve been considering switching my 2009 iMac over from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to Lubuntu 18.04.5 LTS to speed it up and squeeze a couple more years out of it :desktop_computer:


For HTML, CSS, JS, and Python you should be absolutely fine, even on lower end hardware as these typically have pretty low requirements to render properly and quickly. Some people have even used low end computers such as the Raspberry Pi which is about $29 to learn how to code with success.

As most Codecademy courses happen on-site, you should be fine as long as you have access to an internet browser. :+1:

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