Online group study

In order to help out each other, we have to explore new initives about virtual learning strategy. This would support and help all the learners. Like an online session.


I’m open for studying together. How do you propose we do it?

I’ve used CodePen collab sessions with others here. I know VS Studio Code also has a network sharing feature.

If you want to study concepts or practice coding together, message me. My feeling is we all learn at double the speed when working together.

My areas that I’d be willing to work in are:
React Native
Svelte 3


I m in for group study .

i m also in for the study group

I’m also in the study group!

I am interested too. Count me in

also interested in a study group , I’m going through the intro to javascript right now so that’s what I would be interested in doing as a group :slight_smile:

I don’t want to miss this! Count me in! :blush:

Count Me In
We could do zoom classes every week or so.

Am too Interested to take part, Am interested in designing websites stuff… Add me too in!

i’m also interested in javascript - add me to your online group

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count me in, don’t want to miss it

I would love to join up coming session, I have started the 30 days code challenge, completed how to use command line, html, git and learning CSS right now.
Soon plan to learn JS, database.

If you want to practices jam in real time by building some HTML5 pages along with git to collaborate join me on my discord

Stay Home & Stay Coding :slight_smile:


I would like to join up coming session. Like to learn python and java.

Feel free to use our Community Discord to create a study group and communicate! Link to join here:

@mfarooq33 @cloud7873894466 @arc2281420935 @blog8094443096 @ddd8375350921 @dev5849724447 @java8788130228 @animatedcoder @geniuscoder2009 @guptaweber2965861725 @bit8575756841 @faiz850 @wandmaker1 @array4213517279


i am having issues with grid in css project

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hi im intrested in learning too

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count me in too please

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so how do we start it?

I want to participate too, interested in HTML,css and javascript