Onedrive filepaths prevent links from rendering in text editor

I have never posted here so forgive me if i am in the wrong place, i am very much new to all of this. it seems as though the minute onedrive syncs a folder to the cloud i can no longer link the relative filepath of a stylesheet to an index.html document in the same folder. The only way it seems to work is if i stop onedrive sync prior to beginning the project, and leave it off for the duration. This is not so much a question of syntax, as it is me looking for another solution to deal with the filepath issue. Can anyone tell me why it does this or have a potential solution that doesn’t involve disabling the backup?

I think you can change the file path via File Explorer. Try this.

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I’m guessing that you’re using Windows 10 and have opted to have OneDrive automatically sync your user folders (Desktop, Documents, Pictures, etc) to the cloud for backup / portability purposes?

If so, rather than wrestle with the sync, you’ll probably find it easier to create a new working directory somewhere else on the drive and work from there. A good example would be creating a directory at X:\My Work, where X is the drive letter (C unless you’ve changed it or have multiple partitions/drives).

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