One week HTML challange! [13-Nov-2023 to 20-Nov-2023]

[Anyone interested to team up is Welcomed!]

Day 1:
a. Setting up a development environment.
I am using VsCode for learning complete HTML, along with LiveServer Extension it makes easy to visualize what I wrote.

b. Core structure of HTML documents and META tags:
Understanding the structure of a basic web page. How a website loads from my computer to the server. What are meta tags and how are they useful? How can meta tags help in Search engine optimization {SEO}?
Reading MDN docs about basic HTML and Meta Tags. MDN and Code Academy docs along with some live tutorials on YouTube made it really easy to understand how things actually work in the background.

c.Headings, Paragraph tags:
Understanding the use of Heading tags and paragraph tags. Why are they important?
Reading MDN docs about all headings and when to use them.

Day 2:
a. Formatting Style and Global attributes:
Formatting is a crucial part. Understanding when to use formatting is important too. Codeacademy forums helped me understand well.
A great set of tricky questions that I found online were able to make me understand better.

b. Value of colors and CSS format:


Hi there!

Welcome to the forums!

Thank you for sharing your challenge with us. I’ll definitely be stopping back here to see how your progress is going. Keep it up! :slight_smile: