One more ordered list


boha, GUYS!

how often to i have to do the h1,2 or 3 thing again and act as if i was too stupid to get it the first time... this is exhausting... especially when i'm doing this for 5 consecutive exercises...

please you need to redo this.. this isn't fun. maybe because i don't give about celebs. just want to know how many are out there who feel the same...

don't you have a good structured manual which covers the basics II and you just give a task which says alright make a site which has bla, bla and bla...

sorry, didn't want to insult anyone i'm just pissed :wink:


Actually, i think the repetitive is good. Take a look at the make a website forum, see how many people get stuck on the most silly things, because they don't have a solid understanding of html. You need to repeat to become good.

Actually, you don't need to use celeb, you can put whatever you like in this list.