Once the code is written

So I’m curious.

Once I’ve built a website for a client, how do I move forward?

Do they have to purchase a domain, and I email them the code?
Do I have to purchase a domain?

I’ve got a couple people interested in hiring me, and I’m soooooooo in over my head when it comes to this part of the gig lol

Thanks in advance for your help

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You will have to maintain the website as well, and arrange the hosting (unless you arrange otherwise with your clients), if you make cost (for domain or hosting), you just pass this cost along to the client.

It depends a bit on the deal you make with the client, but you are mostly responsible for the whole process. Its one of the things you charge them money for

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So I manage the domain, and charge them a monthly/yearly cost then to maintain the project?

Its a possible scenario. Unless you agree with the client that you just provide them the code, and they have to maintain and host it.

Or you could set up the domain, hand it over, get paid for it and don’t look back, then the client has to maintain

it depends, can you dictate the terms? Or are you hired and are the terms dictated for you? There isn’t one fixed answer to this question


Makes total sense now. Ty so much for helping!