On the Build your Own Webpage Section number 6


Section number six-"Link Me", I keep getting a message that says, " OOps! Try again, make sure you have two links!" I cannot figure out why I keep getting this message when I have done everything I am supposed to do. Please help.



(Quick side note - unless you want your email address out there, you should probably do something about your username)

Could you please post your code?
To format your code so it's visible to us, you can select it while in the editor, and press Ctrl/Cmd + K :)


hi! Thanks for that info, I will be changing my username and here is my code: My Favorite Webpage!


I'm not able to view that image because of network stuff :/. Could you reply to this topic and drag the photo into the editor? It'll upload and I'll be able to view it.
Or, even better, paste your code into the editor, select it, and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + K or press the </> button in the formatting toolbar.


The first one is My Favorite Webpage!

And the second one is


Give me a sec. Gotta get this crap right....




I can only see one link, so you should probably add another. Also remove the single quotes (') from around the current link. Also, your <h1> and <img> belong inside the <body>.

I hope this helps :)