On 'mouseenter' lesson bugged

Hello, I completed first 2 steps of the exercise but the 3rd step seems empty and I can not proceed. Stucked here…

Can you help? Fix?

Please help…


Same problem here. Tried a few things with mouseenter but they were all incorrect. But after a few incorrect tries you are able to go further

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UPDATE:Please disregard. I got past this by guessing what Step 3 wanted. I added an event handler for the shoe-button and after running a couple of times finally got the ‘Try Again or Get Code’ popup. Clicking on ‘Get Code’ pretty much displayed the correct code for completing Step 2.

My guess is that there is not supposed to be a ‘Step 3’ haha.

What exactly did you do to be able to go further?

This, and lesson 5 are not doable without resorting to Get Code.


I wonder why none of the administration is taking care of this. I sent a bug report too, and also think many people did so.

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When it works its way up the priority chain it will get addressed. There are only so many hands and there is much to do on the roll-out end of things. We were warned there would be wrinkles, at first.


I’m seeing the same issue although bugs are to be expected sometimes. Why release the course if things like this are still happening? Surely this all get tested thoroughly before release…

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