On line 3, create the variable my_string and set it to any string you'd like. On line 4, print the length of my_string. On line 5, print the .upper() case version of my_string


Replace this line with your code.


Please post your code, error message, and link to the exercise. We aren't telepathic.


Please give the code or link or something else about what your problem is. However, I found out your exercise. This is a very easy concept and I don't know why you have got a problem with that.

Create a variable named my_string and set it to whatever you like: eg:- Apple

To find the length of your string use the len method and print it out using the print statement to print it.

To make your string completely in the upper case, use the .upper() method and use the print statement to print it out.

So, the whole code will be like:

my_string = "Apple"
print len(my_string)
print my_string.upper()


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