Olivia Woodruff Portfolio

Hi all :slight_smile:

Even though I already know HTML and CSS, I’m currently working through them as part of the Web Development pathway.

I’ve decided to put this post in the suggestions as there’s part of the course that feels like it doesn’t flow all that well.

In the HTML section, there was a heavy emphasis on semantic mark up, which is great in my opinion. For accessibility, I think we should all be more aware of how we are typing our HTML. One of the key points was to use the header, footer, nav tags instead of the way we were doing it for years and just sticking a class of header/footer/nav on a div.

Fast forward to the CSS course and the Olivia Woodruff Portfolio task. In the HTML mark up is the following.


The mark up shows a div with the class of header, something that in previous sections we were told not to do as it has no semantic meaning.

I really think this needs to be looked at and possibly changed as I don’t think it flows well and could potentially confused new users to html and css, especially after completing the html section.

Hope you are all well and busy studying. Wish you all the best and good health.

I just finished this project, and noticed an error. In Step 6 it says " Change the main title color so that it matches the background color more nicely. Set the color for h1 elements to Azure . When you do this, the color does not change to Azure, but rather the text is White. This even happens in the Codecademy tutorial video on YouTube, and the narrator just ignores the fact that the color doesn’t change. Kind of annoying. Would be nice if the narrator gave an explanation as to why the color doesn’t change to Azure when that is the instruction…