Old website back please

guys please get the old codecademy styling back… it’s so confusing to back and forth with the courses… for example when i press start on angularjs thing it just resets everything and all my work are gone like WTF?? it’s good looking and stuff but it’s really confusing and hard to understand (no offense)… I’m sure there’s people out there that likes it (I do too.) It looks amazing but it’s so confusing when you’re trying to actually study angularJS in my case…

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I didnt wanna bother the live support lol, I want the old website back this one is making me learn slower…

You could read some on the subject

what? my problem is that when you press “START” it takes you to a random course that you have no idea what it is, let’s say you do course 1, then takes a short break, comes back and press start wanting to do course 2, then all of the sudden you’re on course 7… like what? and it’s very confusing to choose courses manually because thats what you have to do. Let’s not forget about the annoying quizes it takes you too also. This new source of the website suck (no offense)

You could try to get used to the new look? Could you describe your specific problem in a bit more detail please?

It’s just so confusing, when you press START it takes you to random courses sometimes it’s just so weird lol

I haven’t experienced that problem…