Old School Programmer here! recycling Knowledge and restarting

Hi there, I am returning to programming after…15 years.
That was my first career, my “first love” but my journey forked to business and management instead of Analyst Programmer. I made my degree in business and administration, my MBA and now, I moved to States for work almost two years ago, I am in a new path to recycle myself as Analyst Programmer. my first language was Pascal, after VB, C, OOP, C++, Cobol!!!, relational DB, boole algebra, etc, etc… I see that something has changed a little…but I am feeling great! because I am still thinking as a programmer…kind of rusty but great. I would like to hear from people like me, Generation X, how they face it, if you can give some advice, etc… I am now in the path of Web Developer but as I usually did, I am a self-learner in parallel rading books, tutorials etc. Okey, I appreciate ANY piece of advice you can give!!


To be honest, if you’re competent with COBOL then… you might make some decent money sticking with it. It might not be the latest and greatest in terms of languages, but there’s a lot of stuff still using it (including in government and the public sector) and not a lot of people who can wrangle it…


Welcome to the forums.

Gen X here too. :wave:t2:

The state of NJ needed to hire you when their unemployment system needed to be upgraded back in March (it’s based on COBOL) when they got inundated with UI claims! They’ve since fixed it I think.

Anyway, I don’t think age is a factor in learning. IMO one should always be learning something or else they’ll be stagnant. I think it’s great to supplement what you’re learning on CC with reading books, official language documentation and other tutorials. As long as you set aside some time every day to learn and make sure that you solidify the concepts in your brain before moving on to the next lesson, that’s a great start.


Hi, Generation X here as well. 75’s class. I’m exactly in the same path right now. Started as web programmer 15 years ago and after 5 years I moved to Infrastructure and have been working on that. This year I decided to move back to my first love, creating web applications. I am now in the path of full stack Developer on Codecademy and starting a bootcamp in October. I feel excited to start this new experience. Coding for me is like something natural, when I start I can go on all day long, because I like what I do and this, at my age, is something absolutely valuble. Enjoying your job and having fun doing the work.
Congratulations for your decision. It’s a brave choice.

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