Old html bug

Does anyone know what the instructions are supposed to be for this exercise? For me, all three steps say “Blank instructions placeholder”… so I cannot satisfy the aims of the instruction in order to proceed further.

I reported a bug, and will wait to see if this is resolved, but I was hoping that perhaps someone else was able to view them properly as I hoped to progress further over the weekend.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Well, that wasn’t too hard: by experimenting, I was able to determine the required code for this step.

If you are stuck like I was, with blank instructions, here’s what is required to proceed:

  • A text element
  • Named “username”
  • With default value “Davie”

Yes. I hope that will get fixed :no_mouth:

@sonnynomnom There is no instruction-can you fix this please?


i passed this along to kenny from our web dev path team and it should be fixed!


Yes! Thank you Sonny!