Old Forum

Just wondering why the old forums changed to this one. Now that its in read-only mode i cant reply to someone that asked me for more help. And I don’t know how to use this forum setup and kinda don’t want to even try. Is there a way i can reply to them or is every question that went unanswered on the old forums just screwed unless they ask it again on here.

Hi ryebread4,

The old forums had a lot of problems: sorting was bad, you couldn’t browse past the first page of threads, you had to host images on a third party site, mods couldn’t move a topic it it was posted in the wrong category … and more. All of those things are no longer problems - yay.

It will be interesting to see if people have trouble with the new forum, but from using it myself for two days, I think you’ll find your way around quickly.

Notifications from the old forums have definitely ended. Any conversations that were in progress are archived. Once people notice that and if they still have a previously outstanding question they will find their way to the new forums.


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