Old enough to play



syntax error: unexpected token else

confirm("I am ready");
var age = prompt("What's your age");
if(age <= 13);
    console.log("play on but creator takes no responsibility");
    console.log("lets do this");


i do not know what i am doing wrong here


See it now :wink: ? (Need 20 characters...)


are you saying that i need to have 20 characters in the statement. I apologize but i am confused. I still do not see what you are talking about


No i needed 20 characters to post in the fourm... basically your problem is you cant have a semicolon, after your if condition... THis is the syntax:

if(something  == blahblahblah){
/*Do Something*/
/*Do Something else..*/


lol ok i see it now i had the semi colon. i took it out and now everything runs fine. thanks