Old enough to play? 2. Code your own



I'm so frustrated!

For me, I don't want to proceed with the course unless I can double check that I understand what I have done and why it works the way it does. Quite disappointed codeacademy doesn't notice my code not working as it should..
The course tells me I have completed this section and that I can move on, BUT IT DOESNT WORK!!

In My code, I've set the variable "age" to prompt the user to enter in their age.
When I submit the code and enter My Age "24" the system responds with the else statement "We take no responsibility."

As below, My if question is if ("age" >13) say the statement "Play on!!"

confirm ("I am ready to play!") 
var age = prompt ("What's your age");

if ("age" > 13 )
{ console.log ("Play on the game!!") }
{ console.log ("We take no responsibility") }


HI you should remove the " " around age

if ("age" > 13 )

because with the " " it become a string.