OKCupid Capstone Project

It took ages to do because I wanted the write-up to be just right, but I finally finished my OKCupid Capstone Project for the Data Science career path!!! I’m incredibly proud and excited. Check it out!

Part One: Analyzing the Data

Part Two: Using Naive Bayes and Random Forests to create a “Gaydar”


Nice work! I’m also exploring prediction of queerness in this project, and had a lot of fun seeing your approach/success. It was really interesting to see the resampling technique! I used imblearn.under/over_sampling to adjust for my data imbalance and found it to have little effect. I’ll have to try resampling, maybe with better luck!

Also, the website looks stellar–a super helpful example of how to display your work for someone like me who is just finishing up the Data Science Career Course this week (and panicking about how to present myself to this industry).

All around great work–thanks for sharing!