Ok my python comes up saying that something (invalid syntax) is wrong with the word print



plain_flour = 100
large_eggs = 100
ml_milk = 100
if plain_flour < 100 print ("buy more flower")
if large_eggs < 2 print ("buy more eggs")
if ml_milk < 300 print ("buy more milk")

if condition:

Note the colon as part of the syntax.

Did you mean, "Buy more flour"?


I'm only 13 I don't understand that


please note that u need to explain this as simply as you can, if you can correct it then please do and I need it ASAP! I REPEAT ASAP


I must say, you are being very demanding of strangers with busy lives.


All your print statements should have this syntax,

if plain_flour < 100:
    print ("buy more flour")


While this may be good for practice toward Python 3, Python 2.x does not require parentheses.


Yes, but since it has no negative effect towards the codecademy console, I suggested it because outside of codecademy Python 3 is used quite a lot and for me I was puzzled for awhile after finishing the course and using python 3 when the print wouldn't work cause of no parentheses. :slight_smile:


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