Ok, Iv'e spent too much time on this challenge, I'm getting inpatient


I have literally spent 6 hours trying to figure out what I am doing wrong, and I come up empty. I asked here, but they told me to figure it our myself. Is there anyway, at all, I can get a pass on this part of the program? I'm at 33% on the Python. Can I please just get the ■■■■ code so I can move on already?


well, i do have to admit the error message is pretty clear:

        return  40 * days
    if days >= 7:

this lines have different indents, resulting in an indentionerror.

Another important thing to realize, a function ends the moment a return keyword is reached

and here:

elif days == 1:2

not sure how this is suppose to work. Can't you simply use else since you already covered all other cases?


I finally just copied and pasted from another member. That indentation was fixed, then another problem came up. I fixed that one, then it went back to an indentation error on the same one from before. So I fixed it again, then something else came up. I fixed that, then the indentation error came again. This was going on for 6 hours.

There is nothing wrong with being given the answers after a member spent hours on their own trying to get it. It does that with the making a website topic. I learn a lot from it. Otherwise, if we can't move forward, then it's pointless.


I am actually against the get code button

There is the thing, you think you learn a lot from it, but this is simply not true. Its like math, looking at the solution, and then i think: ah that makes sense, until the final exam comes, and then you discover that you can't solve the equations.


I understand, but in the real world we need to know. There are no tests to
study for. There was no way I would have ever moved forward from this.
It's ultimately up to the person if they want to learn, everybody learns
differently. Given the answer to this I know exactly why now. Getting
hints would have told me nothing that I already haven't tried. It's
different if someone just clicks the get the code button every time without
trying. That's cheating and you wouldn't learn a thing. But after 6 hours
of giving it your all, and nothing? There comes a time when the answer is
required or learning will halt permanently.


I think as long as you believe you have retained the information then this exercise was a success. Good job. It's hard, but it'll be worth it in the end. Happy coding!


But you also need to learn to solve problem, in which case aid is better then the solution. You will retain the information, but did you learn to solve the problem?

Problem solving is very important in programming.


Yes, I did learn to solve the problem. Problem solving isn't one dimensional, it's a multi dimensional process . Sometimes figuring out a problem backwards is just as valid. When one way doesn't work , then you have to look at other ways. It's all valid.


Can't help you but share your frustration and starting to think Codeacademy returns an error message just so you'll pay for help.