Ok, guys

Look, dudes. I’m tryin’ to make some cash ('cuz I’m 13), and have made some – if I do say so myself – pretty cool code nic-nacs with pure JS. Is there any way I can use these skills to make some money now (as in at my age)?

My following answer is just based upon my own perspective and knowledge.

Though I wouldn’t recommend it, I believe that if you do have at the least an ‘intermediate’ level know-how of JavaScript at such an age, you could possibly use the skills to develop something that a lot of people may find to be a useful solution to real-world problems. Although it would certainly take a lot of initiative, obstacle overcoming, and a lot of time; It might be doable.

What would I recommend doing? Refine your skills as much as you possibly can until you’re nearing the old age of freedom. Then look for real world problems - and create the valuable solution.

Thanks, bruh.
I’ma try it out.

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