Offline Python Compiler Like codecademy


Is there any offline compiler on windows for python just like codecademy uses while teaching?


2.7 if you want it entirely compatible, version 3 is the present and future though it is not a huge deal which you learn the language with


I ment to say compilers like turbo c++ or IDEs that support python


A compiler (or in the case of python, an interpreter) is only responsible for preparing the code for execution and/or executing it.

I think you're talking about IDE's, an IDE is not a compiler, it's a bundle of tools, one of which might be a compiler/interpreter - and often it's the very same compiler/interpreter as you'd use otherwise, for Python that would be the one found at You're probably looking for PyCharm


So is there any IDE that supports python???


Check IDE called PyCharm


PyCharm works for me. I also came across Visual Studio Code which performs the same. Thank you @ionatan and @zboru55 for your replies.


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