Offline pratice


praticing python offline with pycharm IDE but cannot find the output in the console.
How do i solve that.


a simple google search yields good results:

personally, i would just use the command line to run scripts.


cannot connect to the console in the IDE


then use the command line? navigate to the directory and execute the python scripts.

Did you further search to find if this IDE has this built in functionality?


yes. i find the Python console in the "Tool" menu.


that was in the article i linked to:

On the main menu, choose any console-related command from the Tools menu .


How do i run the code from the command line?


this depends, if command line:


if its a python IDLE, you can't. But pycharm has a lot of how to pages and so on:

You should be able to find this kind of this problems there, trouble shooting problems like this over a forum is really tricky


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