Official Community Event: Workshop: Command Line Tutorial

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Hi everyone! thank you for attending our Command Line workshop.
We invite you all to add your questions to this thread!

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Thanks again everyone! Happy to answer any more Qs. I know some people had trouble with setting up Oh My Zsh and also using Git Bash, I can definitely try to help debug :slight_smile:


Hi there. Yes… I would need some help with getting to open the “bash profile” for Git Bash.
The commands keep telling me that there is no file with such a name…


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Hey @bogdan.marius14 !

It could be possible you don’t have a bash_profile. You might have to create one in your home directory.

Just to be clear, did you run vi ~./bash_profile ?

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I have run that command but the opening file is empty. As much as I know,vi will create a file if none found. A guess this means I need to create a profile.
Got it!

Thanks for your response!